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About SnapDaddy Radio

SnapDaddy Radio is the new technology from The Smyth Group that puts your radio station or syndicated program on the iPhone and iPod touch.

How It Works

SnapDaddy Radio is branded for your radio station or syndicated program. Your icon appears on the home screen of your listener's iPhone. As soon as they open your application they begin listening to your live stream and viewing messages from your advertisers.

With SnapDaddy Radio, the station gets:

  • More listeners (there are over 30 million iPhone/iPod touch owners) - people can listen while on the go
  • Real-time ad result statistics
  • Real-time listener statistics
  • Another ad medium to offer to your advertisers
  • Stand out from the crowd with your own branded iPhone application

With SnapDaddy Radio, the listener gets:

  • Quick and easy access to your radio station's broadcast on their iPhone for free
  • To listen to your broadcast wherever they are
  • One-click access to your station via email, phone, and text messaging
  • To visit your website while listening to your broadcast


Your application can be submitted to the iTunes App Store and ready for download within a week of contract. Once the application is ready, we will upload it to the iTunes App Store and users can download it to their iPhone or iPod touch.

Listener and advertiser click-through statistics will be available in real-time through the SnapDaddy secure website so that you can provide your advertisers with ROI information.

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